Landscape case

From a landscape perspective, all open space has an inherent value. This value is dependent on many factors including local landscape character, local / regional policy guidance and the demographic make-up of the area ie the type, character, size and use of nearby open spaces.

PDL can have considerable value in terms of landscape character and this can be utilised to create unique open spaces. A site’s heritage can give it an identity and provide inspiration to help it reintegrate into the wider landscape. Some sites may lend themselves to particular uses, for example ex-mining and mineral extraction sites are particularly suitable for creating natural assets such as wetlands and lakes using the inherited site topography and left over water bodies. Other examples include reuse of mining slag heaps for ski slopes (instead of flattening them) or former quarries can be turned over to use as mountain bike tracks.


Case Study: Landlife wildflower planning, Anfield

Landlife is a registered environment charity, working mainly in urban and urban fringe areas, to bring nature and people closer together. By using simple wildflower mixes, based on common core species, Landlife aims to create wildlife areas which have sustainable links to their communities.

The large regeneration area adjacent to Anfield Football ground has a significant number of vacant properties and derelict sites where former terraced housing  has been demolished. Landlife has sewn annuals for colour in year one, and then in the following years allowed for perennial wildflowers to takeover. In terms of maintenance, simply a single cut each year by the neighbourhood community team is required. 

This scheme provides a low cost solution for improving the appearance of previously developed land (PDL) generating both social, economic, and environmental benefits.  The planting scheme has proven very popular with the remaining local community who appreciate the colours the flowers bring to the area, and on match days, the vibrant colours create a significantly improved impression of the regeneration area.