We don’t want homes destroying our green

18 January 2011

A Worcester parish council has refused to give its backing to plans to build homes on an old Worcester golf course until members have seen the whole plan.

Chairman of Warndon Parish Council Ray Morris said there was a risk that “piecemeal” plan for housing developments on the former Tolladine Golf Course could gradually destroy the green space.

He said: “These plans are a big concern.

“This is a big, green open space – the biggest in the city – and if people nibble away at it, before you know it, it’s full of houses. I think it will happen.”

Fellow parish councillor Ted Holloway said: “We made it quite clear that we require, or would like to have seen, a development plan for the whole course.

“We asked for a development plan so we could assess if these new plans are piecemeal or wholesale. They’re trying to piecemeal without an overall plan.

“I’d like to see a scheme for the whole course.”

As previously reported in your Worcester News, developer Tustin Homes submitted plans for 11 four-bedroom houses on the site of the former golf course clubhouse and car park at the end of 2009, but the plans were withdrawn.

In November, it submitted new plans to Worcester City Council through a different agent for nine rustic red-brick houses.

Worcester City Council’s planning committee is due to make a decision on that application on Friday, January 21.

But Worcester city councillor Lucy Hodgson, who represents Warndon South, assured the parish council that the whole golf course was not listed in the council’s five-year housing land monitor.

She said: “As far as I’m concerned, this application is a ribbon development.

“The main part of the golf course is classed as green open space and is not listed in the council’s five-year list.”

Worcestershire county councillor Andy Roberts also assured councillors plans did not conform to the city development plan.

Article found on Worcester news, available here