Step 5: Development and delivery

The project development stage will take ideas and opportunities and set out routes for developing a project.

Action plan
An action plan will provide the focus for how a project will evolve from a vision into real tasks and actions. For larger projects, it is recommended that a professional project manager is appointed to take the lead with project development and delivery who can act as a driver for implementation.
The action plan will need to be developed such that it can change and expand over time, as particular objectives are driven forward and as circumstances change. Note that the action plan will need to take account of the wealth of knowledge accumulated at the baseline and visioning stages.

It is also at this stage that opportunities for engaging further with potential stakeholder and funders will emerge. It is possible therefore that at the earliest stages, the highest priority tasks in an action plan will relate to stakeholder engagement. This type of activity is bound to influence the nature and evolution of a project and the project team should be prepared to make changes and adjustments as appropriate. The value and importance of a strong and clear vision at this stage will become very clear.

The action plan will provide details about how to take objectives forward with information on tasks, responsibilities, timescales, key milestones and targets and funding sources. The following table provides an example of an action plan structure:





Key milestones




Objective 1 Open space project will promote learning opportunities about biodiversity through the use of signage and through making connections with the local primary and secondary schools

Contact the local primary school head teacher

Identify if there is an interest in developing a learning resource

Project manager

Meeting arranged

Support of school secured

March 2011

Local Education Authority (LEA)

In kind teacher time


Wildlife interpretation resource developed

Information boards as suggested by school

Project ecologist

Draft resource circulated for comment

September 2011





Objective 2


It is recommended that an action plan should be treated as a live document and regularly reviewed and updated as a project progresses. An additional column for notes explaining changes may be useful for this purpose.