Step 2: Developing project partnership

For any project, it will be essential to have an established group responsible for developing a project and taking it forward. Once potential partners have been identified and an understanding of potential funding sources has been established, the following tasks are recommended:

  1. identify the most appropriate project lead organisation or group (bearing in mind that this may have an impact on accessing funding)
  2. make initial contact with potential partners to identify interest and willingness to get involved
  3. set up a project start up meeting with an agenda to discuss draft terms of reference for a project
  4. outline project vision and objectives
  5. outline roles, responsibilities, as well as resources and income potential
  6. create a business plan to provide a means for decision-making
  7. create an exit strategy for long term management and sustainable long term financial support
  8. agree a formal project lead, project manager and organisational structure.

By the end of this process you should have achieved the following:

Project partnership

Co-ordinate discussions with potential partners


Agree organisational structure


Initiate engagement with potential project partners


Agree a way forward with the early makings of a project vision


Identified a project lead