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19 Jul 2011
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19 Jul 2011
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19 Jul 2011
Communities get power to protect green spaces
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09 Jun 2011
New contaminated land test could aid construction industry
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Open space overview

The open green space website aims to inform you of the opportunities associated with creating open space on previously developed land (PDL), as well as advice on how to deliver projects. It has been developed to be relevant to stakeholders working across the UK, including information on relevant policy and legislation and on organisations active in dealing with previously developed land and open space projects.

This website provides:

  • an explanation of the benefits of using previously developed land for accessible open space and creative schemes
  • case study examples of best practice across the UK
  • recommendations on appropriate and effective approaches to delivering open green space on PDL whilst enhancing economic, social, and environmental values
  • a step by step checklist linked to examples of best practice, for delivering open space and creative schemes on PDL
  • a portal to existing key literature, policy and legislation across the UK
  • a¬†breakdown of the legislation regulating the development of open green spaces.